Saturday, December 31, 2011


So I'm looking at Pinterest, which is nothing new if you've read anything i've posted this past week or 3. However it got me to thinking about how I used to keep pictures of things I liked just this way.
Then I got all high and mighty and now I'm mad cuz I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!
Of course me not being technically saavy has left me behind the times when it comes to great ideas.
And now that I am actually trying to think of the other projects that I thought of first and then they became huge hits, I am totally blank on them. But trust me I will remember and I'll be sure to let you know.

So back to the matter at hand. I went through my old binder that I aptly named "My Happy Book" and felt I should share with you. You know so I have proof to back up my whine ;)

Here are a few shots of my little black book.

Just a plain 3 ring binder with page protectors in it. I painted a happy face on it one day when I had gotten new paint pens and HAD to color on everything I could find. It's been scratched up through the years. I had always planned to move to a larger prettier binder, but project after project came along and I figured at least it had a place so it wasn't on the priority list.

Oh my horrible penmanship

So back in the day I was obsessed with photo booths and I would make whomever was with me take a photo with me.
Today's victim is my Best Friend Jewel. The picture was black and white but I colored it in. It is the first thing I see when I open my happy book because she is more important to me than any material possession I could ever have. (Aww sappy moment *sniff sniff*)
Here's my xmas ornament idea section

My Want For Home/Dream home ideas section

The good thing about MY method is that I can cut out the faces of the models ;)

God I still love this table

Here's the folder I had with all the pictures I hadn't gotten to add in the book yet. I tuck it in the pocket inside the binder.

Sometimes when I was having a bad day or just felt like I wanted to keep a picture for the off chance that someday I would be able to make or buy it, I would know exactly what I wanted. Suprisingly enough there were times I though if I looked at the book when depresed it would worsen my mood to look at things I didn't have and wanted but, nope. Just like on Pinterest. Except on Pinterest I can see what other people's opinions are on items and then it makes me laugh to see the horrible things some people like.
I know I'm so bad. It's ok, I like coal at Christmas.

Old Year's Resolution

Ok I have been so freaking good this year. I have held back from being a sarcastic mean bitch and just saying whatever is on my mind. I did the whole if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. And if I have said anything mean or sarcastic it was only as a joke. Trust me, i've been a damn angel this year when it comes to my brain to mouth filter. Especially when it comes to Facebook. I like having "friends" and seeing what people post, even if i'm just an aquaintance of someone, but sometimes they post something and I sooooooo want to say a snarky remark. But I dont, because I am sure that I would be unfriended immediately.

This makes me wonder how people get away with just saying whatever is on thier mind. I'm sure it's not necessarily getting away with it as it is living like that. I'm sure they don't keep a lot of company. Or have friends for that matter. I can't imagine what it must be like to never have friends. I have a few month period where I didn't have anyone because my sarcastic jokey self wasn't being regulated and I lost a friend who I had a lot in common with and had a lot of fun with. I had also recently moved hundreds of miles away from my life so I had to make all new aquaintances and friends.

That time when I didn't have anyone to talk to or confide in (Except for my bestie who was having a lot of her own time consuming issues) really sucked. It was lonely and depressing and I think my kids were probably thinking mom needed a life. So now that I have made this little change in myself and hold back things I think people might not feel are as funny as I do, I have been doing well in the aquaintance area. I'm not sure how they think of me. How do you find out if someone conciders you a friend or aquaintance? Does anyone out there have the cahones to ask if someone feels they are considered friends? What do you do if someone asks you "Hey do you consider us friends?" and you just think of them as an aquaintance. Do you be an ass and say "No i don't think we are there yet" or do you lie and say "Of course!"

I think we should institute a color system like the food chart or the defcon chart. Perhaps Green for neighborly, Yellow for Aquaintances, Orange for Friends and Red for Good Friends. And if you wanna get fancy we can add Purple for Best frineds. I'm sure the men would love that one ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


So I got up (I'm not saying what time because it might make me sound lazy) and I come to my computer and the first thing I do of course, lately, is click on Pinterest.
I swear I am so obsessed with this site lately. Not only does it calm me down when I am upset, make me laugh when I need a jolt, and amaze me with all the talent that people have, but it also inspires me to do more with my life and my space. So this morning in particular I found a site I ♥ Organizing and was looking at a family binder idea that I think would come in handy. Then I start seeing all these other pictures of things people have done to organize and it makes me feel all giddy and capable. I start feeling little flutters of energy coursing through me like I'm a cloud ready to let out some lightning and 'BAM' something amazing will happen. Then I stand up and i turn around and look at all my crap...... :( back to Pinterest to look at pretty pictures.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dream was drunk!

Ok so i know I get upset when my hubby tells me to do something instead of asking, but really!

So my dream last night was trippy.
We were in our bedroom pulling down the covers for bed and talking and he says to me "Oh yah at 11 tomorrow the guy is coming by to pick up the thing he bought on craigslist " I look at him with a very pissy face and say "REALLY?!" Here's where I know it wasn't real because if my husband ever acted to non-chalaunt about my reaction he's asking for it. However in the dream he replied "ya, why"
"WHY, since when do you get to just make up my plans for the day? Maybe I have things going on." And I pick up a fork (we just happen to have on the bedside table) and I poked him in the chest with it.
He stands there and just stares at me with a 'Is that all you got' look on his face. This infuriates me inside. My mind starts thinking, no more like neurotically racing through sadistic and paranoid ego maniacal feelings of rejection, disrespect, anger, confusion, and a little bit of the just plain psycho.
So what else to do but start stabbing him wildly about 20 times with the fork all over. He just stands there not defending himself as blood gushes everywhere. All the while I'm screaming at him about how insensitive he is to just tell me what to do and I will do whatever the hell I want to and blah blah crazy blah.

Then I stop and step back panting like a dog that just ran a mile. He looks up at me and says "Are you done?"
"Ya, so you said 11 right?"

Then I wake up to my husband kissing me goodbye for the day as he goes off to work.
I giggled cuz that dream was messed up.

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas crash part 2

So as I posted my last post my daughter started yelling "HE'S THROWING UP!" As I look over I see my son throwing up all over MY chair, himself, my quilt a friend made me, a pillow another friend had made me, his stuffed animals, and on the floor. WTH man, when did you eat that much food EVER!

So I just spent a good part of my morning cleaning. I was planning on cleaning today anyway but not that thoroughly ;)

Let's just hope I can get the cushion cover back on, other wise I guess i'll have to just make a new one.

After Christmas crash

So I've already always hated when my husband asks me what my plans for the day are, since I'm not working and he is. It has always hit me more like "Hey are you going to do anything productive today?" Lol. And sometimes he has admitted that is what he's thinking when he asks, so I'm not totally neurotic.
However today I woke up with a bit of a grudge on my shoulders because he said he would do the Christmas dinner dishes. And of course as always, I'm the one who had to dish up the leftovers into Tupperware and cut all the ham off the bone. But he also didn't do dishes. Earlier in the day he had joked about leaving them for Monday since he had to work so I'd be left to do them, so of course this sticks in my mind when he "forgets" to do the dishes.
So when I walk into the kitchen this a.m. I'm thinking "I'm just going to throw them all away so i don't have to wash them" then AH HA I had an epiphany. More like an evil genius thought but who cares right. When we talked this morning he said he had a slow day so he would be stopping by home to have lunch with us. I should make him do the dishes then!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paper roses

So i saw this on the web and I had tried before but theynever came out right. But i think i wasnt cutting my paper correctly. The trick is to not worry about making a perfect circle and also to use hot glue. Regular glue takes too long to dry and these need to be glued in place or they just look like a big crumple of paper.
After I made these I decided to go ahead and stick them on a branch like i saw in the picture tutorial and i must saw I love it.
If I make more i think i will paint the branch white first for a more whimsical look (like for my daughters room) or even bright pink or purple.

I made these using an old Snow White kids book. I normally dont condone the destroying of books, but i knew this would be for "art" so i justified it. Plus I dont like Snow White personally so i was not heart broken to cut her face ;)

What do you think? Something you might try in the near future?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clever minx

So you know how you go to color, because everyone has a 5 yr old in them that has to come out once in a while, and you need to use red, but you are not sure if the red you pick up is fire engine red or more plum red.
We all have that piece of paper we keep at the back of our journal, notebook, sketchpad, or what have you, that is all scribbles and lines of colors. The only problem is when you put the color down, you now dont remember which one was the right one.

In comes my clever little mind with a wonderful time saving trick.

I color a small rectangular shape with the marker or colored pencil, then i cut it out and tape it to the marker or colored pencil end. This way when I pick up a green, i know if it is more fern green or lime green even though the outer color looks exactly the same.
Smart eh!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potato Boat Breakfast

So I saw this "recipe" on pinterest and it looked good so I decided to try it. And I decided to post pictures of my procces since the other person didnt. I am the type of person that like step by step pictures because I can be a bit dumb in the kitchen. And i tweaked thier recipe a little since they didnt scramble thier egg, but I dont like my eggs anyother way.

~Preheat oven to 350.

So first you need to lay your potato down til it stops moving so you know where to cut it so that all your filling wont spill out if the potato rolls

Then cut off a slice from the top, not too far down.

See like so.

But be careful

Using a spoon, dig out the center leaving a decent thickness wall and bottom.

Like this.

Add bacon (cooked ALMOST all the way, crumbled) cheese, salt and pepper as you wish. Green onions and some chopped red or green pappers would work nicely too. Basically anything you like in an omelet.

Then pour in scrambled eggs. (i used 4 eggs for these 3 potatos) leave some room at the top for they will puff up some, like a muffin. And top with a little more bacon, cheese, etc.

Carefully place on a try and slide in the oven and bake for about 25-30 minutes. The thicker your potato walls are, the longer you will need to cook these since the center will not heat properly. Since these are scrambled eggs, i pulled them out at the 20 minute mark and stirred them a little to distribute the heat better.

Unfortunately I do not have an after picture to show you because once these were done, I was so excited to try it and it looked so yummy, that I just started chomping and forgot to take a picture. :( Sorry

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


You never really feel like your kids like the toys you buy them or even appreciate them. An then comes along a day when you have 6 kids in your house and you keep hearing, from the ones that aren't yours, "oh cool look at this" or "oh wow thats cool". And then I hear "How come you never bring this one outside?" I didnt hear what my son said, but I know i was thinking, its becasue his mommy sees how you all treat your toys and there are some i am just not willing to let get destroyed.

Things that make you go hmmm?

So i am driving down this long stretch of road and along the sidewalk is a guy pushing his baby in a stroller. Along this road is one spot woth shade to rest under. But does this dude stop there to rest.....wait for it.....wait for it....NO. He stops just a few feet short of the shade. It was a real WTF moment.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Garage Sale Mania!

So last night I decided I had way too much stuff and I wanted to get rid of alot of it. Not that I live in squaller or am a hoarder or anything. My house is fairly neat, except for the few toys my kids have on the floor or the 1 too many knick knacks on my shelves. I just have been feeling claustrophobic lately and tired of getting done going through cleaning everything only to find that once i'm done, it's time to start at the other end and make my way through again. DUSTING ESPECIALLY EEWWW!
So last night as I lay in bed I was so excited about thinking of getting rid of everything, I started mentally planning out my process and going through what I can part with. I was getting so excited that I almost got up to actually start cleaning my garage last night around midnight. Then I thought, well i will be too tired tomorrow morning to finish so i'll stay in bed. 2 hours later I was still mentally preparing myself. I have never been so excited to purge before. I'm wondering if it is a sign that this is exactly what I need right now. Like if I can clear my space, perhaps I will be able to clear my mind. IDK.

And surprisingly enough I am still excited this morning about the whole thing. Even though it is sprinkley outside and my major plan was to pull everything out of the garage, I think I still can get it done. I was going to separate everything into 3 piles. Keep, Sell/donate, and toss. Then put everything I'm keeping back in neatly and organized. Then my garage sale pile will be in boxes in the corner. A couple neighbors have already shown interest in doing a yard sale this summer too, and my mom. So it'll be on June 3rd and 4th. Let's just hope I keep up this enthusiasm long enough to actually get everything done.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What happened to my thought?

So last night I went to bed and as I was dozing off I thought of something. Then I said "oh I will post that question tomorrow because I am interested in how different people feel about that"
And then I mulled over for a while whether or not I should get up and go type it up or even write it down. I then thought oh, its such a good question that I wont forget it.
Ahahahahaha, guess what I could not remember this morning?! Yeah, I was racking my brain all day, even "reenacting" last nights routine to see if anything would jog my memory. No such luck though. Oh well, I guess that means it wasn't meant to be. If I remember tonight, I will grab my phone and send a reminder to myself.

I think the reason it bothered me so much that I forgot is not so much that it reminds me that I am getting older and have possibly reached my mental prime, but perhaps because I am egotistical. What does that have to do with anything, you ask. Well I will tell you, however I tend to ramble so pay attention.
I tend to think that when I post some random ramble on facebook, I have this little voice in my head that tell me everyone is going to read it and love it. So when I have an idea or question in my head that I actually am interested in other peoples opinion on, (insert maniacal giggle here) Then I again think I will get many readers of it, and therefore plenty of feedback on it. See, ego. I won't even get started on what goes on in my mind when I don't get any feedback or responses. Hahaha

Ok, well I am off to bed for the night. Hopefully I wake up with some pearls to share tomorrow. I actually go to work tomorrow so I know I will have a lot to say after that, it'll just be a matter of whether or not I feel like typing it all up. Because I will have to type up some background info for you to be able to understand better any ranting I would do. And trust me, it would be ranting. Rarely after working there do I have anything good to say.

Good night ya'll

Oh this girl is irritating

OOOOOHHH what a shocker, Jen is in love AGAIN!
What does this make now, like the 10th time in the past year.
I have nothing nice to say about this lady. She is a mediocre actress at best.
She "falls in love" with anyone who will give her the time of day, and she is so marriage and baby crazy that she smothers them so much that they drop her like a bad habit. It's really quite embarrasing frankly.

Please, if you have something good to say about her, let me hear it. Maybe I just need someone else's eyes on the situation, but so far, the only good thing she did was Friends, and I think that was just good writers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


All I need now is an apron and I can get dinner made for my man and on the table by 5. It is woman's work ya know!

Celebrity Bummer!

So this is more for those of us who have that splinter of hope of meeting and bagging ourself a celebrity hottie. I know the chances of us regular folk who dont live the glamorous life, or work in the biz, are so very slim. But we still look through the rag mags gawking at the oiled up abs of the latest hunky star, or oogling the just this side of legal beauty hoping for a "wardrobe malfunction". And even though they may be dating someone else equally as beautiful, we think to oursleves "It's just a phase, they'll get over it".

Then we come along a story that makes our hearts sink just a little. A story perhaps like this one

Thor, the God of Thunder, married Elsa Pataky, the newest hottie from the Fast Five movie.

Part of me wants to wish them a long and happy relationship. And then there is the catty mean, and yes married, side of me that hopes they divorce, he comes to America to get over it, hides away in a little ol' city in the west called Vancouver, WA and somehow stumbles into my bed.  OOOPS did i just say that!
P.S. My husband and I do have a standing agreement that if we ever had a chance with a big name celebrity that we have the go ahead, so don't think bad of me just yet....Wait a month til you know me better, then hate me ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flower Power!

So i had these left over from a project at my daughter's school, and i didnt want to see them go to waste.
 So I folded some, curled some, and attached them together to create these 3D flowers.
I'll most likely hang these in my daughters room, or give them to her to give her friends at school. It seems like whenever I make her something just because im bored and using scraps, she takes it to school and comes home with requests from her friends for me to make them some too. At least I know I always have somewhere for my little creations to go.

I try to stay positive!

Sometimes I just like to randomly rant about things that irritate me. It helps me keep from becoming the next person pickin off people from atop the bell tower ;)~

I know that some people may think i'm negative because I feel it is better to speak my mind and let out my thoughts and irritations, but trust me, It is WAY better that I get my chance to vent once in a while. Otherwise when I hold things in for too long, it creates this festering pool of mean spirited hate that tends to explode at the wrong time, or on the wrong person for something as small as my food touching eachother on my plate.

Although that does sometimes irritate me as well, It is definately no reason to blow up and freak out on my husband or kids for something they may have done a month ago. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but for me, this is an outlet that I may or may not get feedback on. Either way, it's out of my head and It makes me feel better almost instantly.