Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas crash

So I've already always hated when my husband asks me what my plans for the day are, since I'm not working and he is. It has always hit me more like "Hey are you going to do anything productive today?" Lol. And sometimes he has admitted that is what he's thinking when he asks, so I'm not totally neurotic.
However today I woke up with a bit of a grudge on my shoulders because he said he would do the Christmas dinner dishes. And of course as always, I'm the one who had to dish up the leftovers into Tupperware and cut all the ham off the bone. But he also didn't do dishes. Earlier in the day he had joked about leaving them for Monday since he had to work so I'd be left to do them, so of course this sticks in my mind when he "forgets" to do the dishes.
So when I walk into the kitchen this a.m. I'm thinking "I'm just going to throw them all away so i don't have to wash them" then AH HA I had an epiphany. More like an evil genius thought but who cares right. When we talked this morning he said he had a slow day so he would be stopping by home to have lunch with us. I should make him do the dishes then!


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