Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old Year's Resolution

Ok I have been so freaking good this year. I have held back from being a sarcastic mean bitch and just saying whatever is on my mind. I did the whole if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. And if I have said anything mean or sarcastic it was only as a joke. Trust me, i've been a damn angel this year when it comes to my brain to mouth filter. Especially when it comes to Facebook. I like having "friends" and seeing what people post, even if i'm just an aquaintance of someone, but sometimes they post something and I sooooooo want to say a snarky remark. But I dont, because I am sure that I would be unfriended immediately.

This makes me wonder how people get away with just saying whatever is on thier mind. I'm sure it's not necessarily getting away with it as it is living like that. I'm sure they don't keep a lot of company. Or have friends for that matter. I can't imagine what it must be like to never have friends. I have a few month period where I didn't have anyone because my sarcastic jokey self wasn't being regulated and I lost a friend who I had a lot in common with and had a lot of fun with. I had also recently moved hundreds of miles away from my life so I had to make all new aquaintances and friends.

That time when I didn't have anyone to talk to or confide in (Except for my bestie who was having a lot of her own time consuming issues) really sucked. It was lonely and depressing and I think my kids were probably thinking mom needed a life. So now that I have made this little change in myself and hold back things I think people might not feel are as funny as I do, I have been doing well in the aquaintance area. I'm not sure how they think of me. How do you find out if someone conciders you a friend or aquaintance? Does anyone out there have the cahones to ask if someone feels they are considered friends? What do you do if someone asks you "Hey do you consider us friends?" and you just think of them as an aquaintance. Do you be an ass and say "No i don't think we are there yet" or do you lie and say "Of course!"

I think we should institute a color system like the food chart or the defcon chart. Perhaps Green for neighborly, Yellow for Aquaintances, Orange for Friends and Red for Good Friends. And if you wanna get fancy we can add Purple for Best frineds. I'm sure the men would love that one ;)

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