Saturday, March 1, 2014

Court Bans American Flag, SAY WHAT!

At first I was like WTF, but then after reading why, I understand. It sucks that there is so much prejudice and racism there that this had to go to court. I also feel it is sad that kids are threatened if they wear a flag on Cinco de Mayo. But I also agree that the non Mexican kids shouldn't be chanting and provoking others on this day.
Living in America means you can be free to feel how you want. I think one day a year is not too much to ask for to let them celebrate where they came from and their heritage. I know a lot of Americans feel that if you live here you need to BE here. However we have so many politically correct issues going on right now that it shouldn't still be a problem. We have African American history month and Asian American history appreciation so why not one day for Mexican Americans? Also Cinco de Mayo is more of a party holiday for Americans anyway. An excuse to drink and act stupid.
Well I guess they got that second part right down in good ol' San Jose!
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