Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dream was drunk!

Ok so i know I get upset when my hubby tells me to do something instead of asking, but really!

So my dream last night was trippy.
We were in our bedroom pulling down the covers for bed and talking and he says to me "Oh yah at 11 tomorrow the guy is coming by to pick up the thing he bought on craigslist " I look at him with a very pissy face and say "REALLY?!" Here's where I know it wasn't real because if my husband ever acted to non-chalaunt about my reaction he's asking for it. However in the dream he replied "ya, why"
"WHY, since when do you get to just make up my plans for the day? Maybe I have things going on." And I pick up a fork (we just happen to have on the bedside table) and I poked him in the chest with it.
He stands there and just stares at me with a 'Is that all you got' look on his face. This infuriates me inside. My mind starts thinking, no more like neurotically racing through sadistic and paranoid ego maniacal feelings of rejection, disrespect, anger, confusion, and a little bit of the just plain psycho.
So what else to do but start stabbing him wildly about 20 times with the fork all over. He just stands there not defending himself as blood gushes everywhere. All the while I'm screaming at him about how insensitive he is to just tell me what to do and I will do whatever the hell I want to and blah blah crazy blah.

Then I stop and step back panting like a dog that just ran a mile. He looks up at me and says "Are you done?"
"Ya, so you said 11 right?"

Then I wake up to my husband kissing me goodbye for the day as he goes off to work.
I giggled cuz that dream was messed up.

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  1. That is too funny. My hubby plans my days ALL the time -especially at tax season when people are coming by to pick up their paperwork, it's really annoying and frustrating.