Monday, June 25, 2012

Breakfast bites

So I saw this on Pinterest and being a bit of a food lover myself, felt I owed it to my family and fans ;) to try it.
Can of biscuits, not flaky layers. Country or original is best.
3 Eggs, scrambled
4-6 pieces Bacon, cooked and crumbled
4 pieces of Cheese, preferably sliced.

Start by cooking and crumbling the bacon. We used 6 pieces because my daughter doesnt like egg or cheese, so she just had bacon. Scramble your eggs. Quarter your cheese slices. 
Open can of 8 biscuits, roll each one out flat. In the center put some egg, bacon and 2 pieces of the cheese (2 quarters). Fold up all the edges to the center and press enough to make sure its all sealed, and formed into a ball.
Place with the folded side down into cup of a muffin pan. You cn either grease the pan or use cupcake liners.

Brush the top with an egg wash (egg and little water whisked together)
Cook for 16 minutes at 350 degrees.
(I think I should have left more in the pan before taking the picture, 2 looks wierd)

Let it cool for a few minutes before eating or you will burn the F outta your mouth. My son got a little excited about trying his creation. But the kids really loved this project becasue they got to make thier own and it wasnt messy at all.

Here is a better pic.
These are freakin delicious. And filling. I almost didn't finish my second one.
You can make them as small or large as you want. Smaller bite size so you can have 3-4 or larger ones on a flat pan so you only eat one.I'm not your mama, make up your own mind :)

Bleached shirt project

Did the bleach shirt thing. I used way to much bleach and my lines werent thick enough so when the bleach bled it just made a blob. So i sprayed a bunch more bleach to hide the tape marks and just whatever. Then I sharpied the transformer symbol I origionally attemped to make. He is happy because it is transformers, but I still plan to try again.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starting a weight loss/excercise program PX90

So we got the PX90 program last week and have been reading about it and checking out what we need to start and getting rid of the bad foods and getting healthier foods at home. We bought me a set of 5 lb weights, Scot already has some 20's, not ready for that myself just yet ;). We got ourselves some heart monitor watches to make sure we are not pushing it too hard, or not enough.

So I decided I wanted to keep track of my progress and hopefully it can keep me motivated. I will not however be posting my beggining stats though. Unless by chance I do get all slim and look like one of those after pictures, then maybe.

So day one- We are supposed to do this synergistics on day one. It was some hardcore excercises and it killed Scot so I just did some of the ab excercises. He is still recouperating 3 days later, but I did the Cardio dvd today. Each session is supposed to be an hour long. I was only able to do 44 minutes. I thought my thigh muscle was going to pop right out of my leg.

It was funny because I put an extra bra on the outside of my tank top. Let's face it, im a fashion maven ;) Anyway, I dont own a sports bra and am not particularly fond of them anyway. They are hard to pull on and even harder to pull of especially after getting all sweaty. Anyone who disagrees, doesn't have boobs.
So anyhow, I walk out into the living room and my kids ask me why Im wearing it like that and I say "I dont want these babies bouncing around everywhere." Once I start the warm up (jumping jacks) my son says "ooop they're bouncing everywhere mom" LOL

This is the calendar that came with it. It has 3 pages and 1 month on each page and on the back it has the 3 different programs you chose from and the dvdes you are supposed to do each day.
So I pulled them apart and laminated them so with the month one calendar up to keep track of which workouts we've done and if we followed our diet, I have up the program workouts we have to do each day.

This way we can see if we are staying on track and if we arent losing weight, then is it because we skipped days or didnt diet.

What sold us on this program was that they actually had a normal overweight person who had started out at like 360 lbs and did the program and lost alot of weight. He was honest and said it was definately hard at first and he had to alter how he did some of the excercises and after the 3 months, he wanted to lose more so he did the rotation again, and again a 3rd time and after 9 months was down to under 200 lbs. That is what we had been waiting for. To see an actual fat person, not someone who just wanted to buff up, or lose a few lbs. Because it is hard for everyday people to jump with all this weight and squat and bend.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project time!

Since it's the end of the school year, I have been looking at fun things I can do with the kids to keep them occupied and not zombiefied in front of the tv or playing video games.
So here are a couple I recently tried. Although I must say, letting the kids do it their own way and not trying to pick at them to make it perfect was hard, I love that they had fun.

Personal Painted Canvas
I just took a small canvas and taped off a K for Kameron and let her paint whatever she wanted. When I pulled the tape off she wanted to paint in the K as well, which defeated my purpose, but I love that she loves it. So now she has personalized artwork for her room.



Melted Bead Sun catcher
So I saw this on pinterest and thought "I have to try this"
I used a Bundt cake pan for the top part and we used a cupcake pan for the small discs. I think it looks great. We wanted to see how each color would look on it's own when melted and we love it. I also did a special one for Kam to see if it would work and it did. I made it into a necklace for her. The trick was layering the pony beads one flat and then one on its side resting in the center of the flat one. 2 layers high is just perfect. then carefully place the other beads around the initial and melt.
20 minutes @ 400 degrees. P.S. no one else said this would smell nasty as heck, so open a window for ventilation and you'll be fine. Plus you can go get pans specifically for this project but you don't have to. They pop out cleanly and don't mess up the pan.
And just use a small drill bit to drill a hole (i was afraid the discs would crack but they drill nicely.) Also I used invisible thread to string it up at different lengths and tied it to the top ring.

I would show you the other pictures but apparently my phone and puter are not speaking right now....they must be married, lol.