Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paper roses

So i saw this on the web and I had tried before but theynever came out right. But i think i wasnt cutting my paper correctly. The trick is to not worry about making a perfect circle and also to use hot glue. Regular glue takes too long to dry and these need to be glued in place or they just look like a big crumple of paper.
After I made these I decided to go ahead and stick them on a branch like i saw in the picture tutorial and i must saw I love it.
If I make more i think i will paint the branch white first for a more whimsical look (like for my daughters room) or even bright pink or purple.

I made these using an old Snow White kids book. I normally dont condone the destroying of books, but i knew this would be for "art" so i justified it. Plus I dont like Snow White personally so i was not heart broken to cut her face ;)

What do you think? Something you might try in the near future?

Per Lielanie's request I'm adding the picture tutorial I used to make these. As you can see solid color roses are pretty too. A lot of people liked using lovle book pages, but i like the mix of words and pictures that the kids book gave. Especially since it is for my daughter's room.  You could even use old music sheets if you are a music lover. That'd be pretty.
(on Pinterest you can enter "paper roses" in the search box and see all the samples i'm talking about.)

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  1. Super cute I love it, please post how you cut the paper to start.