Friday, May 6, 2011

Garage Sale Mania!

So last night I decided I had way too much stuff and I wanted to get rid of alot of it. Not that I live in squaller or am a hoarder or anything. My house is fairly neat, except for the few toys my kids have on the floor or the 1 too many knick knacks on my shelves. I just have been feeling claustrophobic lately and tired of getting done going through cleaning everything only to find that once i'm done, it's time to start at the other end and make my way through again. DUSTING ESPECIALLY EEWWW!
So last night as I lay in bed I was so excited about thinking of getting rid of everything, I started mentally planning out my process and going through what I can part with. I was getting so excited that I almost got up to actually start cleaning my garage last night around midnight. Then I thought, well i will be too tired tomorrow morning to finish so i'll stay in bed. 2 hours later I was still mentally preparing myself. I have never been so excited to purge before. I'm wondering if it is a sign that this is exactly what I need right now. Like if I can clear my space, perhaps I will be able to clear my mind. IDK.

And surprisingly enough I am still excited this morning about the whole thing. Even though it is sprinkley outside and my major plan was to pull everything out of the garage, I think I still can get it done. I was going to separate everything into 3 piles. Keep, Sell/donate, and toss. Then put everything I'm keeping back in neatly and organized. Then my garage sale pile will be in boxes in the corner. A couple neighbors have already shown interest in doing a yard sale this summer too, and my mom. So it'll be on June 3rd and 4th. Let's just hope I keep up this enthusiasm long enough to actually get everything done.

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