Thursday, December 29, 2011


So I got up (I'm not saying what time because it might make me sound lazy) and I come to my computer and the first thing I do of course, lately, is click on Pinterest.
I swear I am so obsessed with this site lately. Not only does it calm me down when I am upset, make me laugh when I need a jolt, and amaze me with all the talent that people have, but it also inspires me to do more with my life and my space. So this morning in particular I found a site I ♥ Organizing and was looking at a family binder idea that I think would come in handy. Then I start seeing all these other pictures of things people have done to organize and it makes me feel all giddy and capable. I start feeling little flutters of energy coursing through me like I'm a cloud ready to let out some lightning and 'BAM' something amazing will happen. Then I stand up and i turn around and look at all my crap...... :( back to Pinterest to look at pretty pictures.

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