Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So I am sorting all our laundry, which I feel I have the entire household's wardrobe in front of me right now. And I find myself talking to myself about what I'm doing. Not that this in itself is weird, but I'm using the Heinz Doofenshmirtz accent. You knw from Phineas and Ferb. Yah, um I don't know why but it was stuck in my head, so this is the kind of conversation I had, alone, in my room, while sorting laundry.

(Don't forget to read this in his accent!)
"Oh hey Perry de Platipus, I didn't see you dere. You see I'm working on my latest Inator. I call it de laundry-inator. Well here lemme just show you how it works. De socks go in here you see, and dis is where de pants go in."
I must say it made the whole process a litte more fun, which is surprising.

Pinterest, you enabler!

So I have been trying a lot of Pintest things lately just for fun, and to be more than just one of those people who pin and never actually do any of them.

Some things I didn't take pictures of so i'll just speak of their success or failure.

I thought this would be fun for the kids. Especially sonce they love playing with water but are not always able to go into the pool.

I had a bunch of crystal light containers so i thought what the heck.
Um, big tip for ya, start with the top and pour some water in each one after you attach it to the fence so you know where the water is going to land, then you know where to place the next one. I didnt do this at first so i had to re adjust 2 of them because they not placed right.

Here is mine. OOOOOHHHHH so awesome i know. Well actually my son loves it so much, so ya it is awesome.

See here he is enjoying my handy work.

 DIY Screenprint Shirt
The items required are pantyhose, an embroidery loop, mod podge and acrylic paint.
I had all but the pantyhose, but i snagged a pair for like 70 cents at Walmart.

So you draw your design on the panyhose stretched over the hoop, cover what you don't want in a thick layer of mod podge. Let it dry, mine took a whole 36 hours. Then place it on your shirt and basically stamp the paint on like any other stencil. Let it dry then peel off.

I taped mine down so I wouldnt mess it up

 Just dab dab dab away.

It doesnt really give you straight lines so i ended up going over and outlining it after this picture was taken to clean up the lines a bit. I also ended up adding red outline and and accent lines.
But i used a pajama shirt so if i messed up it was ok ;)