Saturday, December 31, 2011


So I'm looking at Pinterest, which is nothing new if you've read anything i've posted this past week or 3. However it got me to thinking about how I used to keep pictures of things I liked just this way.
Then I got all high and mighty and now I'm mad cuz I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!
Of course me not being technically saavy has left me behind the times when it comes to great ideas.
And now that I am actually trying to think of the other projects that I thought of first and then they became huge hits, I am totally blank on them. But trust me I will remember and I'll be sure to let you know.

So back to the matter at hand. I went through my old binder that I aptly named "My Happy Book" and felt I should share with you. You know so I have proof to back up my whine ;)

Here are a few shots of my little black book.

Just a plain 3 ring binder with page protectors in it. I painted a happy face on it one day when I had gotten new paint pens and HAD to color on everything I could find. It's been scratched up through the years. I had always planned to move to a larger prettier binder, but project after project came along and I figured at least it had a place so it wasn't on the priority list.

Oh my horrible penmanship

So back in the day I was obsessed with photo booths and I would make whomever was with me take a photo with me.
Today's victim is my Best Friend Jewel. The picture was black and white but I colored it in. It is the first thing I see when I open my happy book because she is more important to me than any material possession I could ever have. (Aww sappy moment *sniff sniff*)
Here's my xmas ornament idea section

My Want For Home/Dream home ideas section

The good thing about MY method is that I can cut out the faces of the models ;)

God I still love this table

Here's the folder I had with all the pictures I hadn't gotten to add in the book yet. I tuck it in the pocket inside the binder.

Sometimes when I was having a bad day or just felt like I wanted to keep a picture for the off chance that someday I would be able to make or buy it, I would know exactly what I wanted. Suprisingly enough there were times I though if I looked at the book when depresed it would worsen my mood to look at things I didn't have and wanted but, nope. Just like on Pinterest. Except on Pinterest I can see what other people's opinions are on items and then it makes me laugh to see the horrible things some people like.
I know I'm so bad. It's ok, I like coal at Christmas.

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