Thursday, July 11, 2013

The interesting talent of my husband

Let me start out by saying I snore like a grizzly bear attacking a pack of wild dogs. I have been known (to his delight) to wake my husband and even myself from a dead sleep with my snoring. That being said, I can now feel comfortable telling you about my husband ;)

So he is not a loud snorer generally. There have been a few occasions where he has woken me up but that has been because his face was basically in mine. However this isn't about his snoring per say. It's more along the lines of what other sounds he makes while sleeping. NO I'm not talking flatulence. Sometimes an additional sound comes out from his throat or nose that creeps me the hell out.

I am an even lighter sleeper since we just moved to this house. I believe because I know my children are farther away from my room then they were in the old house. Anyway, I am often awakened by some sounds that I do not know what they are at the time, but later find out that they are coming from my husband.

They range from:
~A high pitch whistle that I can only assume is the equivalent to what a dog whistle sounds like to them.
~A snore that sounds like a gurgle that makes me think we are under water.
~A moan that is more like mumbling in his sleep. Like he's even too tired to speak clearly so I can understand what the heck he is saying. Although there have been occasions where he has blurted out things like "more mashed potatoes" and "we've got to get it over there", but I can never get him to elaborate. Sometimes I try to get him to finish what he's talking about and I actually end up waking him up. Oops.
~But the most disturbing of noises that he makes, really puzzles me. I wake up to the sound of what I think is one of my kids yelling mom from across the house. So of course I jump up and run to their rooms flinging open the doors only to find them peacefully asleep. Then as I go back and lay down I hear the sound again only to find that it is coming from my husband. It is like it is a secondary sound that comes out along with the little snore.

I have laid there listening to him trying to even imitate these sounds or even figure out how he makes them, to no avail. That is why I share this with you today. Not to embarrass him or anything like that, however to let you know I live with a possessed demon and if I ever disappear I'm blaming it on the spirit trapped inside him that likes to f**k with my sleep.

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