Friday, July 12, 2013

Hobo Dinner - Tinfoil Meals

As most my posts have begun especially this summer....So I saw this on Pinterest, LOL
And I thought I can do that. Although it may seem simple to most people, you may have hopefully noticed by now, I am not most people. And I am definitely not simple. The simpler the harder as it comes to me.
Tinfoil meals for the grill
Original pin:
So the basic idea is flavor your meat and veggies and toss in foil then onto the grill.
I of course being picky myself and having picky kids have had to make some changes.
So original post has mushrooms in it and called for ground beef or turkey.
I used no mushrooms, ick, and I used Italian sausage. I also didn't have any Worcestershire, but i think since we used Italian sausage it worked out for the best.
Our family has always liked Italian sausage instead of hamburger in our recipes, but you can do whatever you like.
My daughter loved that this was something she could help with. She got to do the mixing of the veggies and then she helped me make the meatballs.
I also only used 1 lb of meat, 3 large russet potatoes and 3 large carrots. I think I should've used more carrots especially since some of them got burnt and stuck to the bottom tinfoil. ;) I cooked it for 32 minutes. (It would've been only 30 minutes, but I was playing a game on my phone and got distracted)
Prep done and ready to grill

P.S. Don't touch the foil while it's cooking, it's FRICKIN HOT!

It's gonna be yummy yummy in my tummy.
So in conclusion, for a family of 4 it was a decent sized amount, but we had a piece of bread on the side. If you want this to be your main dish I would recommend using more food than I did. Also I would recommend USING OVEN MITTS and picking it up and trying to move it a bit, almost like shaking it, so you don't lose too much to burning and sticking to the bottom of the foil.

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