Monday, July 8, 2013

Crack Potatoes - Fancy hash browns!

So i saw this post on my frineds facebook and immediately knew i wanted to try it. But did I write it down....NO. So after putting the word out a week later and getting the recipe I decided tonight is the night.
I hadn't really planned on what to serve with it so we are just going to have hot dogs. Don't judge me, i'm impulsive or slothish. You get one or the other ;)


Here is the original recipe:

However I didnt feel like making enough for the round table so I cut my recipe down...and since I only had some of what it called for I decided to call it improvising ;) See, no stinkin thinkin here.

So this is what I put in:
30 oz bag of Hash browns
1 16oz container of Sour Cream
1 C shredded cheese, and a pinch more becasue I love cheese (i used a mexican blend not cheddar)
6 strips of bacon, cooked and diced. (Let's be honest, only 5 1'2 pieces made it in there ;)
1 pkt ranch dip powder

I started off cooking it for 30 minutes since it is a modified recipe.
(It is cooking as I type this so I will return later with the verdict.)

Im thinking of doing a 1-5 stars scale on how I like things. Am I important enough to start a rating system...I DO WHAT I WANT! So yes, I will start a Star rating system.

Also while we are waiting, I will point out that I have very picky eaters, so I am hoping this goes over well.
My daughter doesnt like cheese, or hash browns. My son doesnt like potatoes but likes hash browns. Ya this'll be fun.

My happy litlle helper

We have tried it. It is pretty good. Some reccomendations are: Less ranch mix, it was a little over powering. And more cheese. My husband is having seconds and is going to try sprinkling some shredded cheese on top them microwaving it to melt it a bit. I think cheddar not finely shredded would work great for next time. I think ill put more bacon in too. Cuz, well, IT'S BACON!

I give it 4 stars

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