Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ode to Candy Crush Saga

There once was a girl from Vancouver,
Who tried and tried to menuvuer.
A green one here and a blue one there,
I cant get a bomb anywhere.

I squint and cringe and even yell,
This game is making me mad as hell.
I think im close, im almost done,
Got one jelly left, but moves I got none.

It's been a few days but feels like forever,
I'll pass level 65, um like NEVER!
I've begged and pleaded for move moves to be sent,
Friends have replied but they've all been spent.

This game truly could be the death of me,
What's that in the corner, another damned jelly.
I think i'll cry from all this strife,
OOOh I gotta go, I just got another life!

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