Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project time!

Since it's the end of the school year, I have been looking at fun things I can do with the kids to keep them occupied and not zombiefied in front of the tv or playing video games.
So here are a couple I recently tried. Although I must say, letting the kids do it their own way and not trying to pick at them to make it perfect was hard, I love that they had fun.

Personal Painted Canvas
I just took a small canvas and taped off a K for Kameron and let her paint whatever she wanted. When I pulled the tape off she wanted to paint in the K as well, which defeated my purpose, but I love that she loves it. So now she has personalized artwork for her room.



Melted Bead Sun catcher
So I saw this on pinterest and thought "I have to try this"
I used a Bundt cake pan for the top part and we used a cupcake pan for the small discs. I think it looks great. We wanted to see how each color would look on it's own when melted and we love it. I also did a special one for Kam to see if it would work and it did. I made it into a necklace for her. The trick was layering the pony beads one flat and then one on its side resting in the center of the flat one. 2 layers high is just perfect. then carefully place the other beads around the initial and melt.
20 minutes @ 400 degrees. P.S. no one else said this would smell nasty as heck, so open a window for ventilation and you'll be fine. Plus you can go get pans specifically for this project but you don't have to. They pop out cleanly and don't mess up the pan.
And just use a small drill bit to drill a hole (i was afraid the discs would crack but they drill nicely.) Also I used invisible thread to string it up at different lengths and tied it to the top ring.

I would show you the other pictures but apparently my phone and puter are not speaking right now....they must be married, lol.

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