Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starting a weight loss/excercise program PX90

So we got the PX90 program last week and have been reading about it and checking out what we need to start and getting rid of the bad foods and getting healthier foods at home. We bought me a set of 5 lb weights, Scot already has some 20's, not ready for that myself just yet ;). We got ourselves some heart monitor watches to make sure we are not pushing it too hard, or not enough.

So I decided I wanted to keep track of my progress and hopefully it can keep me motivated. I will not however be posting my beggining stats though. Unless by chance I do get all slim and look like one of those after pictures, then maybe.

So day one- We are supposed to do this synergistics on day one. It was some hardcore excercises and it killed Scot so I just did some of the ab excercises. He is still recouperating 3 days later, but I did the Cardio dvd today. Each session is supposed to be an hour long. I was only able to do 44 minutes. I thought my thigh muscle was going to pop right out of my leg.

It was funny because I put an extra bra on the outside of my tank top. Let's face it, im a fashion maven ;) Anyway, I dont own a sports bra and am not particularly fond of them anyway. They are hard to pull on and even harder to pull of especially after getting all sweaty. Anyone who disagrees, doesn't have boobs.
So anyhow, I walk out into the living room and my kids ask me why Im wearing it like that and I say "I dont want these babies bouncing around everywhere." Once I start the warm up (jumping jacks) my son says "ooop they're bouncing everywhere mom" LOL

This is the calendar that came with it. It has 3 pages and 1 month on each page and on the back it has the 3 different programs you chose from and the dvdes you are supposed to do each day.
So I pulled them apart and laminated them so with the month one calendar up to keep track of which workouts we've done and if we followed our diet, I have up the program workouts we have to do each day.

This way we can see if we are staying on track and if we arent losing weight, then is it because we skipped days or didnt diet.

What sold us on this program was that they actually had a normal overweight person who had started out at like 360 lbs and did the program and lost alot of weight. He was honest and said it was definately hard at first and he had to alter how he did some of the excercises and after the 3 months, he wanted to lose more so he did the rotation again, and again a 3rd time and after 9 months was down to under 200 lbs. That is what we had been waiting for. To see an actual fat person, not someone who just wanted to buff up, or lose a few lbs. Because it is hard for everyday people to jump with all this weight and squat and bend.

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  1. I love it.. I totally support it and will not bring you doughnuts fresh from the bakery, or creme filled cakes.. or leftovers. :) Let me know if you need a swift kick in the butt, or someone to pass while walking :)
    Also, I use to track calories (carbs for Alexa) it's easy to use.
    Definitely take before photos, honestly it's so motivating.
    If my MOMS Club does another Biggest Loser, I'll let you know, it's $10 buy in and most lbs. lost (it's percentage based) generally wins $100! I never win, we also do a prize for most fitness minutes (haha, I never win that either!)
    Good luck with your bad self, by golly you'll be chopping that hair off in no time! -L