Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bird's Nest Breakfast

So another Pinterest recipe I have tried a couple times is called the Bird's Nest. It's a hash brown, egg and bacon or sausage combo.
So the first try was pretty good. I didn't press down the hash browns much and cooked them for 15 minutes and they didn't end up with enough crunch.
Also a variation was that since I was out of bacon, I used little smokies cut up. It was good.
I noted that for next time I would press the browns more and cook them for 17 minutes.
Here's pics from try #1.

They also stuck to the pan so this is how they came out. I shoulda used more cooking spray.
So attempt #2, I saw a similar pin using cupcake liners. So i tried that. I did press the browns using the bottom of a measuring cup, and cooked them for 17 minutes.
Then I did everything else the same but i did use bacon this time.
I do like the bacon ones much better, but when is bacon not better.
The all around taste was way better and it held together better. But it was hard to get the paper off the hash browns.

Original Bird's Nest Pin

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