Saturday, January 25, 2014

Belieber Shmelieber!

So when Justin Bieber first started to misbehave The hubs and I talked to our daughter about it and said she could still listen to his music if she liked it but we didn't feel he was a good person so would no longer be getting her anything Bieber related. She said that was fine. She agreed.
Then we told her about his being arrested 2 days ago for drinking and driving and under the influence of drugs, and she just looked disgusted. She actually said "Oh I'm done with him". We felt very happy.
So last night she had a friend stay over and she had her help take down her posters of him. I (in all my wisdom and awesomeness) had a great idea for an activity for them.

My daughter's friend taking aim
Perfect Target!

My son had been waiting for this day for a while!

My daughter is red, her friend was blue, and my son was orange paint.

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